USEFUL Websites to Save Renting Brokerage Fee in Japan

Japan traditional house
Japan traditional house

Living in Japan is not a walk in the park. Even though the total initial fee is not cheap, there are some tips that could help you to save money. Here are some real estates’ website to help you save on your initial rental fees.

  1. Able(エイブル) : Charge Brokerage Fee for half month
  2. Zero-Chintai(ゼロ賃貸) : Brokerage Fee is FREE (Only available in Osaka)
  3. SMA-HEYA : Brokerage Fee is FREE or only charge half month (Only available in Tokyo)
  4. UCHIKOMI : Brokerage Fee is FREE
Real EstateBrokerage FeeArea
Able(エイブル)0.5 monthNation wide
SMA-HEYAFREE or 0.5 monthTokyo
  1. Able(エイブル)

Able is a well-known real estate company in Japan. Other real estates charge a full month brokerage fee, but Able only charges half month. Furthermore, their services are nationwide.

They have been providing this service more than 10 years now. Occasionally, they offer promotions such as student discount, female discount, or senior discount. Availing these discounts could help you save money.

If you are interested in their services, here is the official website in English and in Japanese.


FREE brokerage fee. This website is not like other major real estates’ website. They only have contact information and have no house for you to search. What you can do is using other major real estates’ website to search your ideal house, you can leave your E-mail or Line the URL to 0-Chintai. They will contact you by E-mail or Line. The next steps for the house searching process are the same as other companies.

But 0-Chintai is a minor company and only provides services in Osaka, Western Japan. If you are planning to live in Osaka, this could be included in your pocket list.


FREE or 50% off brokerage fee. This website is similar to 0-Chintai, but their service area is in Tokyo, Japan’s capital. They have more houses than 0-Chintai. You can search these houses in their website.


Since most of the houses are managed by landlords, you can directly contact them. Usually you could only contact the management company for rent in Japan.

The downside of this website is that the options and number of houses are limited because the house resource comes from the landlords alone. You need to have luck on your side to find your idea house here.

On the bright side, the area is nationwide.