Renting a House in Japan

If you are planning to live in Japan, having enough money should be your first priority. 

Curious about how much it is? Take a look at this article and you will know more about renting in Japan.

The reason why is because the initial cost for rent in Japan is very expensive.
How expensive is it? Listed below are the estimated fees:

Rent and Other Fees: (to be discussed further below)

JapaneseEnglishAmount in
家賃Rent1 month
管理費Common Service Fee0 ~ 20,000 or more (depends on the landlord)
敷金Security Deposit0 ~ 2 months (depends on the landlord)
礼金Honorarium0 ~2 months or more
仲介手数料Brokerage Fee1 month plus 10% tax
火災保険2年Fire Insurance12,000 ~ / 2 years
保証人制度Guarantor System20,000 ~ plus 10% tax / 1 year  (renewal will be cheaper)
安心入居サポート*Reliable Customer Support Insurance15,000 ~ plus 10% tax / 2 years
*Depends on the landlord, it could be mandatory or optional.

For example, if you found a house like this, the approximate initial fee will be as follows:

chintai example
This is from SUUMO

Rent and Other Fees: (sample computation)

Rent (pro-rated fee for 1st  month + next month’s full amount)23,000*+46,000=69,000
Common Service Fee (move in month + next month)1,750*+3,500=5,250
Security Deposit0
Brokerage Fee46,000+10% tax=50,600
Fire Insurance15,000/2 years
Guarantor System33,000+10% tax = 36,300/1st year (12,000+10%tax/ 2nd  year ~)
Reliable Customer Support Insurance***15,000+10% tax = 16,500/ 2 years
*If you move on the 15th day of the month
**Usually honorarium will be charged by the age of the building
***This is a mandatory item in my rent contract

※For Fire Insurance/ Guarantory System/ Reliable Customer Support Insurance, those will be shown after you decide to rent. The example above is my current contract fees.

The total initial fee will be ¥192,650 

If you found a newer house and it needs security deposit and honorarium, the total initial fee will increase because you need to pay at least 2 ~ 3 months rental fee in advance.

The disadvantage of this system is that no matter how long you are going to live in the same house, once the rent contract expires (usually it is 2 years contract), you need to pay a renewal fee which is around 20,000 or more. The renewal fee is decided by the management company.

Think twice before planning to move to another place because you need to pay these rent and other fees again. Usually, Japanese landlords are not willing to lend their house to a foreigner. But it is easier to find a house in big city, such as Tokyo or Osaka.

Living in Japan is not a walk in the park.